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Thanks to all our customers - nation wide !
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Thanks so much for an honest evaluation. Looks like I shop for a new camera. You will be my suggested Camera repair place from now on.
Carl R. 4/27/2008
I don't routinely write letters of thanks, but you guys do good work. So, just a quick note to say my Nikon CoolPix 990 arrived yesterday and works great! With the replacement switch, it works better than it has in quite some time . Your service was timely and excellent. I received it back in time to take on vacation.

When I first called and talked to you it sounded like you knew what you were doing. You said the problem my camera had was familiar, and you gave me both cost and turnaround -- unlike my nearest Nikon Authorized (and digital qualified) site who told me they couldn't give me any idea of cost or time to repair, that I'd have to bring it in for their technician to check out, then if he couldn't fix it, they'd have to send it to Nikon. You folks sound much more knowledgeable and resolved the problems quickly. Thanks!

Richard N.
Newport News VA 8/21/2003
It arrived yesterday....absolutely perfect for what I was trying to do. Many thanks for the great service!! Regards,
Reynolds, Arlington VA 3/14/2009
Hi there, Got the nikon AI conversion kit today. Really happy with it, thank you very much! Will buy again!
Henry, Toronto Canada 3/26/2009
You guys really are the BEST. Thanks so much for your assistance with this... I have already shared your business info with several friends needing camera repair. I appreciate you,

B. Scott 5/17/2005
Hi Again I would like to order the LCD screen and will pay by Visa or Paypal in advance whichever suits you best. I await your instructions Thank you
Kindest regards

Bernard M
British Antarctic Survey http://www.antarctica.ac.uk/images/webcams/rothera/index.php
Rothera base
Adelaide Island
Hello Crystal Camera,
I have bought parts from you in the past to my total satisfaction. What I need now is....

Leon G.
Kodak Israel, PO Box
Petach Tikva, Israel

EJS Texas Apr 25 2009
I just wanted to let you know that my daughter's camera was received back in better working condition than before the flash stopped working! Thank you so much for your time and prompt repair.

Jan. 11, 2007
Dear Sir:

Thank you for your prompt reply and advice. I went to the web site you recommended and found that Panasonic would repair/replace the defective CCD sensors for my camcorder ( as you said ) , free of charge, although it is out of warranty. I previously called them ( before emailing you ) and they said they would charge for the service ($165.00 flat fee) and it was not until I (referred to ) the web site that said it would be free, did they acknowledge anything was faulty and would be corrected without charge. Thank you again for giving me this advice.

Sam L.
Hendersonville, NC 3/16/2007
Hello Crystal Camera,

We are sending you our Fuji Fine Pix S602 camera.. Please look at it and call us with the estimate to repair. We have heard many positive things about your business and hope that you can repair our camera. Thank you in advance.

Our address is .... Galax, VA 24333.
Thank you,
Donna and Jamey H. January 22, 2004
Trevor T. Carpinteria, Calif. 12/16/2006
Hi George

The back had arrived when I returned from assignment just as you said. I had to turn around and go back in the field in a hurry, so I did something I really don't like to do. I used the back you repaired without testing it first for some important and difficult work in the Utah desert. Therefore I am VERY pleased to report that the piece functioned perfectly for the first time in the years I have owned it. The results are spectacular, my client is very happy, and I intend to rely on you again. How about now?. . . .

Frankly, since Professional Camera Repair in NYC went out of business a couple years back I have had some terrible experiences with repair. N***n USA is one of the worst offenders- they thank me for 35 years as a customer by treating me like an idiot, providing horrible work, and charging an arm plus two legs. I look forward to working with you- a good camera tech is a Godsend in my work.

Thanks again for your craftsmanship,
Tenafly NJ 11/5/2003

April 12, 2007
I just wanted to let you know the rewind button arrived this morning, and is now on the camera. It is absolutely perfect!

Thank you!
Dave Prince Edward Island, Canada 9/14/2007
George and all at Crystal Camera,

Thanks for the quick turnaround on fixing my EOS A2. The dial seems so effortless to turn! It is nice to do business with someone who handles their customers as you have. I certainly will tell all my photo friends where to send their broken cameras. The next time I am in Asheville, I will have to stop by and say hello!

Sonny R.
Lexington SC 11/16/01
I received my Spotmatic F back last Thursday and it is great. Everything appears to work fine, the film speed dial works great, and the prism is fixed! Thank you so much for taking care of that, and also for doing it so quickly.

Thank you, thank you.
Dean S. 10/25/01
Augusta Maine
Hello George,
Just wanted to drop a thank you email for the repair of my camera. It arrived very well packaged and my test roll came out beautifully. Thank you and everyone there for the great service.

Hope all have a wonderful and safe Holiday!
Lis S. Pennington NJ Dec. 16, 2006
I wanted to thank you ... for the promptness, courtesy and professionalism. I will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Michael E. B. 4/15/2005
Birmingham MI
Mary Beth I. Hidden Valley Lake, Calif. Dec. 1, 2006
I have found your interesting website and in your list there are 3 conversion kits that fits with my Nikkor lenses to be converted to AI :
nr 33 for Nikkor 35/2 (s/n 813915)
nr 50 for Nikkor 200/4 (s/n 551074)
nr 53 for Nikkor 300/4.5 (s/n 454879)

Do you make invoices to France and what are the shipping charges ?
How to pay you ? Is VISA OK ? If it's OK, I will order soonest.

My address : Denis R.
54 rue S.
75015 PARIS France
Dear Crystal Camera,
I received the 500mm Tokina mirror lens that I sent you for cleaning. To say the least I'm delighted! I'd just about given up trying to find someone to clean this lens, then I found you on the web. I've waited to see the quality of your work and it is Peerless!! And your price, extremely reasonable. So, enclosed please find a new project....
"Thanx" again

Dick B. 1/10/2004
Hot Springs AR
I received the repaired cameras today, and I'm very pleased with the results.

John T. 10/01/01
Lafayette California
Posting to a Canon message board:

.... add Crystal Camera Repair in Asheville, NC to your list of wonderful people to work on the tank (T90). Shutter repaired, internal battery replaced, CLA, new battery magazine, and return shipping for a paltry $125.00... New battery magazine was $22. For those who need one, they have more...... It was here by UPS at 10:30 the next day. I gave the delivery man a concussion getting to the box. Just hearing that shutter fly after such a long sentence made me want to slap myself for not finding them sooner..... Seven rolls through the tank since it was returned. Not a problem...........

Tim K. 10:22 AM Sunday 27 May, 2001
Lisa and . . . .
I appreciate your prompt service as promised.

Michael M. 11/09/01 Wellesley MA
Your work is excellent and I will happily recommend you to others.
Sincerely, Susan H. 11/16/01 Wilton CT
Thank you for a great job on the T90! If any of my other toys need repairing or a tune-up, I know where to send them.
Thanks again. It is excellent.

Petter S. Memphis TN 7/08/2001
Are (these) conversion kits still available and what are the mailing charges to France.
Few months ago I already bought Ai conversion kits from you and was very satisfied.

Denis REG.
54 Rue S. M.
75015 PARIS FRANCE 3/1/2007
George, Our "baby" (Canon T90) came home to us the week before Christmas. How did you plan such a wonderful Christmas present? As I promised the first roll through our invigorated "baby", belong to you and the folks at CCR. We are taking pictures of all the special places here in England.
Thank you for the excellent service. I am glad that Canon Message board was online. I may have never heard about CCR and in one of our favorite cities (Asheville).
Thank you again you will continue to be our "baby's" doctor. Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Stay in Touch

Ray A. US Air Force
England 1/14/2002

My camera was delivered by UPS about 1:45 this afternoon -- just in time for me to drop in a roll of film and run off to my daughter's pre-school Christmas party! Thanks so much for taking such good care of my camera and helping to preserve our precious memories!

Anne S. Marion, Arkansas
I am in Uganda (Africa) doing medical work and brought my trusted AE1 as my main camera.... Thanks for all your help!!!
Rob W., MD 5/13/02
Hello from Kampala, Uganda !
Hi George,
I would like to Thank you for your help and your service. I will be sending you some more cameras for servicing, shortly. Your company seems to provide a good repair service at a reasonable price.

Looking forward in doing more business with you.
Regards, Bill H. Englewood, NJ 5/29/02
Just spoke to a VERY nice lady who took my information. The lady was very kind on the phone! All customer service these days should be just like her!
Best wishes John D. P. 5/19/03
Hi George!
Just to let you know, UPS came and delivered the camcorder back to me. I tried it out, and it's working perfectly! Thanks again for being able to fix it, when other camera shops refused me.. saying it was too old to mess with.
--Art B. Chesapeake, VA 3/24/03
Hi George,
You have repaired a couple of my cameras and I trust you totally ... Your service is above excellent! I am so glad you work on digital cameras. What a relief. Now I don't feel thrown to the wolves. ;)

Your loyal customer, Shelia C.
Morganton, NC 6/16/2003
Dear Crystal Camera Repair:
I wanted to write a letter to thank you for the outstanding service you provided recently. While I was in your store, I noticed the bulletin board that was full of praise from your customers. I thought I might add to it...

I was in Ashville for a wedding June 13th, 2003. The bride, in from Denver, had a 35mm SLR that got bumped around on the flight in (the autofocus lens was jammed). She is a major shutterbug, and would have been sorely disappointed to be camera-less for both the weekend celebration and her honeymoon.

When I stopped in with her camera at 3:45 on Friday afternoon, I was desperate. You listened to me describe the problem, took the camera and had it repaired and back to me...!! As I drove back to downtown Asheville with the camera, I called the bride and her party at a local beauty salon. You could not imagine how pleased she was to hear that her camera was repaired!

In return for your gracious service, I want you to know that a donation has been made to the Asheville branch of Habitat for Humanity in your name. Thank you again for your kind service, it was truly appreciated!

Sincerely, Stephen M. G. Batavia, IL June 17, 2003
... the parts I ordered arrived quickly and in good shape. I have been burned when ordering camera related supplies so much lately, that it is refreshing to find a business that actually does what it says it will do and then some. Friendly and helpful people too.

Thanks, Dave 24 Jun 2003
Master Gardeners:

I realize this is not strictly a gardening subject, but gardeners are great shutterbugs, and many, like me, must have camera problems at times.

After a disappointing experience at the big and long-standing (other) camera and repair store ( in Asheville ), I found friendly, quick, and efficient service at Crystal Camera Repair, 404 North Louisiana Avenue. If you mislay the name, give me a ring.

Hal 10/23/2003
Hello, ............

This is a critical lens for me in covering news & sports assignments and I will need it turned around as quickly as you can. I am a Nikon Pro Services member, but the last lens I sent to New York took me three months to get back! The last time you did work for us it was very prompt. Which is why I'm hesitant to send this one to New York.........

Jody S. 5/17/2004
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HELLO from the Antarctic !
I am very pleased with the service I received at Crystal Camera Repair. Tissica, who took my initial call, was most pleasant, helpful, thorough, and courteous. These traits are hard to find in today's business world. The work performed was done professionally, in a timely manner, and at a reasonable price. It was certainly a refreshing experience.
John E. Mauney
Lincolnton, NC April 20, 2010
Hello and thank you for your great customer service! Attached are a few images that I took with our .... Nikon D50 that you just repaired. Take care, hgh USACE Wilmington, NC 2/4/2011
Photos courtesy of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers USACE Images ( click for larger images )
Just wanted to thank you guys for the great service you provided. So glad to have my camera back working like it did the day I first bought it! Thanks so much!

Crystal S.
Liberty, NC July 10, 2012
Thank you SO MUCH for cleaning my camera today! Great service and knowledge at an affordable price!

Eric Haggart
Franklin, NC Oct 1, 2012

Stacy Jones Anderson, Elizabethton, TN Sept 8 2012
I wanted to write and gives you folks a huge "Thank You" for the repairs you made on my Canon 50D. I dropped it into a trout stream earlier in the summer and sent it to Canon for repair. Canon returned the camera to me and said they were unable to repair it. I called Crystal Camera and you told me you would take a look at it so I brought it in. I had it back repaired in about 2 weeks and it works like new. I've had it out numerous times, of course I'm very, very careful when I'm taking pictures in streams now. Thank you so much for saving me a lot of money. I'll happily recommend you to anyone who has problems with their cameras.

Mike T.
Murphy, NC Oct 21, 2012
I just wanted to say thank you! I received the camera back, works great now. I was very pleased with how quickly you responded to me, with how nice you were on the phone, and with how the whole process worked. I am so glad I stumbled upon you on the internet and did not go anywhere else...

Thanks again!
May 21, 2013
YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!! I am feeling pretty great as well, because I followed your directions and it worked!!!! Thank you so much for your help. You've made my day! And for sure,
if I need a new camera, I'm coming to you!
(After email directions on how to get her computer to re-identify her camera.)

Shirley B.
May 28 2013
Hi George & Deborah,
How are you? I am writing you guys because I just moved back to Asheville full time and was looking for a job. I always rave about working with/for you guys and was wanting to see if you had an opening, full time or part time or as needed. I am living in Leicester and wanted something close, you guys were my first thought. If you guys are looking for help please let me know and I can come in any time. My phone number is 828-xxx-xxxx. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon

Summer T.
Jan 27 2014
Hey Debbie,
I just wanted to thank you. I am so excited to be working with you guys again.

Summer T.
Jan 30 2014
i have just received the front element and i am truly pleased, it is in very good shape and another camera comes back to life, thank you. i have several other shelfed cameras because of a broken/defective part, is it ok if i send you a list of all this parts and you tell me which ones you might have?
thank you,

-tiago Dec 2 2013
Castello Branco, Portugal
A Review on Yelp.com:

"I would imagine that most people walking through the doors of Crystal Camera Repair are not inherently in a good mood. Photographers, we like to be anywhere with our camera, except for a repair shop. That said, the folks at Crystal were so utterly pleasant that it'll give you a cavity. True Southern kindness.

"On this lucky day, I was blessed to have dropped my DSLR on its face, completely wrecking a lens (don't worry, it was a Nifty Fifty 1.8, valued at $100). The glass was a lost cause, BUT the lens had gotten stuck at the release ring. I feared that there may be damage to the body...

"She says they'll take a look at it and to wait right there in the lobby. 10, 15 minutes later, the lens is extracted. Another piece of plastic was blocking the removal. She tells me there was no damage to the ring, they tested it with another couple of lenses. I breathe a deep sigh of relief.
And then she tells me "no charge." Flabbergasted. So this review is my payment to Crystal Camera... Thank you for your kindness and attentiveness! Awesome service."

Wesley P.
Westwood, CA
My camera is working GREAT!!! Thank you so much for your great service and getting it repaired so quickly. That means so much to me with the holidays coming. I will definitely use you again if I need another repair and will recommend you to others. Thank you again. Happy Thanksgiving.

Rena M
Greenville SC
Nov 25 2014
Thanks for treating me like a regular even though it was my first time in your store.

Georgi Groux
September 1 at 1:06pm
Once again overwhelmed by great skill and customer service at Crystal. Spend two weeks worrying over replacement terminal covers that I couldn't get to seat properly. It took Crystal about 5 minutes, perhaps less, to accomplish a perfect fitting. Happy camper. Kudos.

Chuck v. R.
Hendersonville NC
Nov 23 2015
My baby is back and zooms smoothly!!! (Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED)
I really cannot recommend using Crystal Camera Repairs in Asheville enough...
I didn't have to spend money on a rental for a month while waiting on Nikon! Just the price to fix, plus a $20 rush fee and it's back to me like new in just two days!!

Courtney A.
Claremont NC
Nov 19 2015
This is the most wonderful place to get help with everything related to Cameras! I can not thank them enough for the efficiency and expertise demonstrated but mostly for the kindness and generosity given every time I go there to be rescued!!!!

Luisa P.
Apr 29 2016
Excellent service and communication every time! I've used Crystal Camera at least seven times to repair and/or service my professional DSLR camera bodies and lenses. Their technicians are skilled, and I think their attention to detail is better than that at Nikon Repair Service.

Katie Langley, Katie Langley Photography
Boone, NC May 19 2016
Google Review
Hi - I am a previous customer (cell 402-xxxx-xxxx). I am currently in Brazil and will be back in Asheville only from July 1-5 before heading to Europe. I would really like to get my D-800 and D-810 cleaned...

You folks are amazing - I cannot thank you enough. I will drop the cameras off in the afternoon of the 1st.

Meanwhile, here are some shots from my time here - this is a site called Buraco do Padre; next week I got to Iguacu Falls (Brazil)

Daniel R. B. FRSC, FLS
Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
Visiting Senior Fellow, Ciencias sem Fronteiras, Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil
Senior Research Fellow, H. W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology, University of Nebraska State Museum
Visiting Scholar, Debrecen University, Hungary
Owner, Dan B. Photography LLC
May 19 2016
i receive the package. i want to say thank you for you and your team for repair of the samsung digimax V50 camera. you and your team did wonderful and excellent jobs with the camera. in the future if a friend of mine or family member have a problem with their camera or i have a problem with my camera i recommend to your company. your company is the best. i give your company A plus with 10 plus +++++++++++ and again thank you for your service.

New York City, NY
Oct 25 2016
Crystal Camera is THE BEST! Over the past 20 years they have been my go to for all my cameras' repairs.

Gil Stose
Highlands, NC
Nov 4 2016
They totally are! Been going there for at least 10 years!

Sarah Valentine
Highlands, NC
Nov 4 2016
Friendly, professional and just very nice people. I've tried Atlanta repair shops and found them to be very lacking on all fronts. Crystal Camera is the best.

Bernie Coulson
Highlands, NC
Nov 4 2016
They are amazing and really good people! I have been in there multiple times where i had an issue and it was a simple fix or reset that only took him a minute to figure out and he has always resolved the issue and told me what to do if it happens again. Also they have never made me pay for him to look at it or tell me how to resolve it next time. I will always go back!!!

Amanda Nicole
Mar 2017
I purchased a used Tamron 18/200 lens which had a focusing problem... took it in today for a AF Micro adjustment and what a huge improvement it made. Thank you so much to the good folks at Crystal Camera Repair.

Mike Barton
Mar 28 2017
My Canon was shutting itself off for no apparent reason I had done a factory reset but that didn't fix it. I brought it in to be checked out and within fifteen minutes it was fixed! I don't know what u did by resetting it that I didn't and I don't care! Thank you very much and I will recommend you to anyone I know that needs a camera repaired!

Mike Covan Apr 7 2017
Hi Deborah,
You guys rock, seriously this is some great customer service. The fact you emailed a few months later to just tell me you guys are still in the hunt for a lens is fantastic and just proves why I continue to tell people to send their equipment to you guys! Thanks for touching base with me, whenever you guys find an element, let me know and I will for sure send it to you guys.

Ben E. Oct 26 2017